Time to act – Zeit zu handeln.

I was going towards Baharestan Square with my friends – and this was everyone, not only just supporters of one candidate or the other. Everyone, all of my friends we were going to Baharestan to express our opposition to these killings these days and demanding freedom. But the black dressed police, they stopped everyone at [Street near Baherestan Square], they emptied the buses, they were taking the people there and let the private cars go on. And we went on until [place near Baherestan Square] and then all of a sudden some five hundred people with cocks and woods they came out of [name of a mosque nearby] and they pulled into the streets [women starts crying] and they started beating everyone and they tried to beat everyone on Sadi bridge [a pedestrian bridge], throwing them of the bridge. And everyone also on the sidewalks – they beat a woman so severely so that she was drenched in blood and her husband was watching the scene, he just fainted. I also saw people shooting; I mean the security forces were shooting on people at [place nearby] – and of course people were afraid by the security forces – but they were beating people like – hell. This was a massacre. They were trying to beat people so that they would die. They were casting very bad words to everyone. They were beating old man. And this was a – this was exactly a massacre. You should stop this! You should stop this. You should help the people of Iran, who demand freedom.

[Reporter: Ahm, ah…]

You should help us.

[Reporter: How many of you were there in this terrible situation?]

Over thousands of people on the street but it was me and ten of my friends.

[Reporter: Ad you said that the security forces were shooting at the people. Did you see anybody injured by gunfire?]

No, I didn’t see myself. I heard the shooting. And my friends and I we just gasped. We heard the shooting near [place nearby] and we just run away. I didn’t see again what happened – sure people are dead there. But I couldn’t see, I couldn’t catch the film or anything.

[Reporter: My dear, this is really terrifying to hear. And we are not only getting this Report from you. We got a report from another source in Teheran, describing the situation today being terrible, saying people were being shot like animals. They beat the people like animals. Are you save right now?]

Yes exactly, exactly, exactly. This is what’s happening. They beat people so like. You know, in the previous days they are killing students with axes. You know, they, they put the axe through the heart of young men and it’s so, devastating, I don’t know how to describe it, I mean, I can’t find the words. This is horrific, this is genocide, this is a massacre [starts crying], this is Hitler! And you people should stop it immediately. Long time we have been exposed to this – and nobody takes action. It’s time to act!

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